OpenLDAP with Solaris and OS X and NFS Home Directories

3 09 2013

Thanks to the aid of Configuring a Basic LDAP Server + Client in Solaris 11 (paulie’s world in a blog)Getting Started with OpenLDAP (Glenn Faden: Trusted Blogger), and Adding Users with OpenLDAP (Glenn Faden: Trusted Blogger) I got OpenLDAP working with Solaris 11.1.  The LDAP server (bundled Solaris version) is running in its own zone. Note that the global zone should NOT be configured as a LDAP client (of a server in one of it’s own zones).

Also thanks to Fixing OpenLDAP Authentication on OS X Lion | smalley creative blog I got OS X Mountain Lion to also work with the same LDAP server.  I used the RFC2307 (Unix) LDAP Mappings in the Directory Utility.  The apple.schema is NOT required on the LDAP server in this mode.



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